XceedMac Special Package

|| High Profile Guest list management || Artist Contracting || Reservations ||Rehearsals||

This is our special package crafted with you in mind Here we give you unlimited access to our resources, time and expertise.

  • A dedicated 12-weeks wedding planning duration
  • Sourcing of high-quality oriented wedding professionals
  • Undivided attention on the event day as you will not be sharing your event date with any other cleint
  • Unlimited home visits and errands
  • Management of high profile guests
  • Management of performing artists
  • Curated customer experience
  • Complementary wedding website

This package is tailored for our clients with sophisticated needs.We have designed a 2-3 day event services with no limitations on guest count just for you and it includes: includes:

Planning services

Coordination services for the entire event duration

Ushers and waiters service for the event duration

Dowry Bearers for the traditional event

Security services for the entire event duration

Janitorial services for the entire event duration

GHC 60,000