Before we continue, we would like to spell out what we are offering and to whom we are offering our services to so you can be guided in deciding if we are a good fit.

Yes we can't wait

We aim to plan and direct events for individuals, groups and corporate bodies who desire a professional touch to their events and would like to avoid the stressful nature of executing events. We offer full planning service for more than 5 months to the due date.However, for expedited events, your dreams would still be made a reality with the little time at a very affordable express fee. We also offer services to clients outside Ghana who intend to organize an event within Ghana.

Nah not quite

We don't plan destination events outside Ghana nor do we do rentals and event styling. Our prices are specifically for planning, coordinating events and offering ushering services which do not include service fee for other vendors. We do not offer partial planning services. We do not work efficiently with “do it yourself" individuals or groups. However, we are willing to recommend other event professionals who best suit these needs if needed.

Welcome to our packages